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Why Thousands Of Homeowners in Richmond Call Bill Kemp "The Home Exterior Guru"

My 25 years of studying, performing, and perfecting the Home Improvement Business has earned me the title of "The Home Exterior Guru." I have helped thousands of homeowners make important money saving improvements to their homes.

If you’re like most homeowners you’ll agree. You want to do business with a true expert in their field and one:

  • That is pickier than you are about your home
  • That will not take your money until you are happy
  • That promotes a Hassle Free experience
  • That their experience shows in their knowledge

I am Pickier than you.

My mom taught me a long time ago if you sweep the kitchen floor right the first time then you won't have to do it until it’s right. That philosophy is how I run my business. Quite frankly, I don't want you calling me back and complaining about anything! So, we will get it right the first time! We will do it with the right product, the right installation, at the right time.

I don't want your Money until you are happy!

Do you know how most people feel when they give a company a large deposit? Number one, you wonder if this stranger will simply steal my money. Or will they do everything they promised? Or will they complete my project in a timely fashion? Or are they using my deposit to complete someone else’s project? These are all real scenarios and I've seen it happen to too many hard working homeowners. The sad reality is when you give a company a large Deposit... You just lost control of the situation! What if something goes wrong with the installation or they don't deliver the product promised or in a timely fashion? You have your hard earned money tied up in a bad situation!

The Guru's advise: "Don't give anyone any of your hard earned money until the job is done and you are completely happy with the product and satisfied with the installation. If a company asks for money upfront my advice is to run in the other direction as fast as you can.

I promote a Hassle Free Experience

I know when it comes to window replacement, you don't care about someone pitching you on why "We sell the best windows". What you do care about is finding the right window that solves your specific problems without the Hassle. So this is what the Guru does for you.

I will evaluate your window problems and educate you on the different types of windows that fit your specific Needs!

Click Here to start your hassle-free experience.

I will make sure you are confident with your window selection.

We call this the Help Me Window Program. The Help Me Window Program is a (2) two step program designed to solve your window problems. The results are you are better educated, more confident and pleased with your window investment. Hassle Free.

My Experience shows in my knowledge.

My mother was a schoolteacher and I believe I have her inherent ability to teach things to people where they understand and feel comfortable with what I'm talking about. I've spent years learning about the different problems homeowners deal with concerning the exterior of their homes. More importantly, I have discovered the solutions for almost every home exterior situation including yours. It’s this extensive knowledge base that has earned me the title "Home Exterior Guru".

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What our customers say…

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