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The Quality of Fusion Windows

A Beautiful Energy Superstar

Fushion Windows are carefully designed to give you and your family year-round comfort while keeping your energy bill low. By implementing fusion-welded sashes and mainframe, multi-chambered extrusions, reinforced interlocking meeting rails and an insulating glass unit, our windows will provide you with years of thermal protection and smooth trouble-free operation.

Beautiful and Trouble Free

You'll be thankful for the superior craftsmanship and low maintenance of Fusion Windows. Our windows won't rot, split, corrode or pit like standard wood windows because of the premium vinyl mainframe and sash. Your new windows will keep their beautiful appearance inside of out with very little upkeep.

You'll appreciate the superior workmanship and easy maintenance of Fusion Windows.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Kemp windows carry the AAMA Gold Label. This means you can't buy a better window.

  • A sample of the unit passed required performance tests for resistance to air leakage, water penetration and wind pressure
  • Performance tests were conducted at an independent AAMA-accredited lab
  • Individual components used in the window and door have passed their own separate performance tests in order to be eligible for use in an AAMA-certifiedwindow or door
  • The manufacturer has certified that production line units are built to the same specifications as the sample unit that was tested
  • Manufacturing plant production lines, component inventory and quality control records are checked annually through two surprise inspections by an independent third-party Validator
AAMA gold label
Fusion double hung window online

Double-Hung Windows

Our clasically good looking double-hung windows are highly functional. For effortless cleaning from inside your home both sashes tilt-in .

  • Fusion-welded mainframe and sashes for added strength
  • Interlock at sash meeting rails creates a tight seal against air infiltration.
  • Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior of the window.
  • Constant force balance system ensures smooth sash operation.
Fusion sliding windows online

Sliding Windows

The generous glass area of sliding windows offers an infusion of natural light and an unobstructed outdoor view. Sleek sashes glide horizontally and lift out for easy cleaning.

  • Fusion-welded mainframe and sashes for added strength.
  • Multi-wall extrusions enhance structural integrity, strength and thermal efficiency.
  • Interlock at sash meeting rails creates a tight seal against air infiltration.
  • Nylon-encased dual brass rollers ensure smooth sash operation.

Quality Crafted for Superior Performance.

  1. Vinyl mainframe and sashes won’t chip, peel, crack or warp; the premium vinyl color is formulated throughout so the beautiful luster lasts.
  2. Multi-chambered sash and mainframe create insulating air spaces for increased thermal efficiency.
  3. Insulated glass unit* with the Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System helps achieve year-round energy conservation.
  4. Interlock at sash meeting rails provides increased strength, insulation and comfort.
  5. Protective bulb seal helps prevent air infiltration at the meeting rails.
  6. Drop-in glazing for extra protection from the elements.
  7. Fully extruded lift rails provide strength and stability for easy operation.
  8. Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior of the window.
  9. Hidden screen track for clean lines and added beauty.
  10. Bulb seal at the sill creates extra protection rom dust, dirt and air infiltration.

Plus these additional features:

  • Dual vent stops provide a limited and convenient opening of the window for ventilation.
  • Constant force balance system eliminates sash cords, weights and pulleys and provides easy raising and lowering of the sashes (double-hung window).
  • Protective double-barrier fin seal weatherstripping at sash sides helps block dirt, noise and air infiltration.
  • Beveled exterior profile gives windows a clean, elegant look.
  • Hidden screen track for clean lines and added beauty.
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energy saving Fusion windows

Insulating ClimaTech® Glass Packages

Reducing energy loss is often the number one reason for purchasing replacement windows. When you consider that windows are roughly 80% glass, you’ll see why upgrading your windows with an insulated glass system can significantly improve the overall energy efficiency. Our optional ClimaTech glass package combines insulating Low-E (low-emissivity) glass, argon gas and the Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System that features a unique, one-piece metal alloy, U-channel design that creates an effective thermal barrier. ClimaTech insulated glass packages have proven to be far more effective than ordinary insulated glass units. Low-E glass also helps minimize UV rays that can cause furnishings to fade.




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